The Hand + Body

With our combined specializations in eastern Traditional Chinese Medicine, western Swedish technique, and contemporary fitness science, we bring health, wellness, and self-care education to every body, supporting diverse communities.

Our Story

Founded in 2020, the Hand + Body offers beauty and wellness services to the New York City metropolitan area, facilitating personal self-care journeys for individuals and groups, while also emphasizing the value of nutrition, fitness, and mindfulness. We are here to promote your health and rejuvenation, so you can live your life optimally.

It is our philosophy that we are all active agents in increasing our awareness and ability to maintain our own senses of well-being. We at The Hand + Body are here to support you in that journey. Located in Brooklyn, New York, we offer in-home treatments throughout the New York metropolitan area. No space at home? Please inquire about getting a treatment at one of our provided locations!

What we offer

The Hand + Body is an on-demand wellness and beauty company offering therapeutic treatments for everyone whether at home, at work, or at an event. We also offer classes and workshops on self care and its importance in our daily lives, so your wellness is sustainable!

With traditional as well as progressive soft tissue treatment systems, a detailed understanding of human anatomy, and active empathetic listening, we create strategic and personalized treatment plans tailored to the needs of each individual.

We have considered every detail, so you don’t have to.


Restore + Soothe

Bring the combined therapeutic experience of neuromuscular massage therapy and myofascial release, facilitated stretching, spa pampering of hair masks, and body exfoliation.

Signature Massage Therapy Relaxation Therapy Myofascial Therapy Illumination Therapy

Sports Science + Fitness

In this practice of mindfulness, we optimize your soft tissue function and performance drawing on the kinesthetic awareness, so that whether athletic training or running your next marathon, we support your ability to do so with effortless grace and confidence.

Sports Therapy Hot + Cold Stone Therapy

Relax + Calm

With treatments developed to calm your mind, soothe the senses, and restore anatomical alignment, the hand and body draw on elements from eastern (traditional Chinese medicines), western (Swedish), and contemporary fitness science to create a dynamic experience leaving you feeling renewed and refreshed.

Signature Massage Therapy Relaxation Therapy

Support + Community

We bring health and awareness to a diverse community, supporting and educating wellness in their self care and well-being.

Inquire about our workshops and classes.

Wellness for the Culture

The Hand + Body provides restorative treatments to deepen a sense of well-being in everyone.