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The Hand + Body provides therapeutic massage and other dynamic treatments to enhance your well-being, leaving you feeling renewed and refreshed. Our mission is to relieve pain, soothe the mind, improve mobility and restore physical alignment. Based in Brooklyn, New York, we provide in-home, event, at-work or on-location services!


We provide luxury therapeutic and research-based beauty and rehabilitative treatments.

Signature Massage Therapy
Hot + Cold Stone Therapy
Sports Therapy
Relaxation Therapy
Myofascial Therapy
Illumination Therapy


Facilitated stretching, restorative hair and scalp treatments, body exfoliation and hot/cold stone therapy.

Dry Brush Exfoliation
Illuminating Body Buffer
Hair + Scalp Treatment
Hand + Foot Massage
Facilitated Stretch
Hot Stone Compliment

Our Clients Absolutely Adore Us

Kemi BlakeContortionist

As a performer, I often get massages as part of my regular body maintenance regimen. I have come across very few therapists with the knowledge and skill Youthen has. Youthen intently listens to his clients, and he can discern what type of massage is needed through his acute awareness of the body.

Denvil SaineLicensed Massage Therapist

The massage I received from Youthen is one of the best I’ve ever had. I’m inclined to say that more than a massage, it was an experience- and Youthen’s knowledge of the body and intuition with muscles made the experience all the more satisfying and enjoyable. Having said that, I believe it is his technique of flow that truly sets him apart. It is almost like a dance the way he glides connecting muscles to muscles culminating into a true full body experience. For those wanting more specific work, he excelled in this area as well, due in part to his immense strength and again knowledge of muscles. Note: Dancers, athletes, and fitness fanatics could definitely benefit from his more detailed work. But be forewarned his pressure can be both direct and intense if this is what you seek. He is however always able to always adjust pressure, especially if you prefer a more relaxing experience. I must say those looking for an exceptionally gifted therapist I wholeheartedly recommend Youthen, and in my case I look forward to working with him again!

Cheryl CamposVenture Capitalist

I’ve had many massages in my life due to chronic back problems derived from an accident, but Youthen truly stands out as the best one-of-a-kind massage with a technique that only comes from his experience and expertise of the muscles. It is his graceful way of working through each knot and body part that is firm, effective, and intrinsically healing. He understands each problem down to its core elements because as a professional dancer with decades under his belt, he has amassed the knowledge of the inner workings of the body and empathizes with the problem. He brings his full self to the massage table, which transmits a genuine sense of giving and joy that I have not found in another masseuse. I cannot express enough how much I’ve improved both in understanding my needs and also feeling better. Youthen is the reason for the growth, and that is priceless.

Justin PrescottBroadway Dancer & Performer

Having Youthen as a massage therapist is a must! He listens to what I need in my sessions and executes with great care, professionalism, and strong hands. Book with him ASAP, he will not disappoint!

Christian PierreEducator

I have had back pain for years, both in my lower and upper back. I’ve tried epidural shots and medication. Nothing was as effective as a few massage sessions and stretching with Youthen. He is honestly the best massage therapist I have ever had. My back pain has dramatically decreased and I would recommend him to any and everyone.

Jasmin AllenBusiness Executive

The Hand and Body is the best massage experience I have ever had. From the pre session where Youthen works to understand your massage experience, health and fitness history and individual needs - to the attention to detail down to the carefully selected products and music - it is a life changing experience that has made me more committed to understanding my body’s needs. Youthen is a consummate expert and exhibits patience and true passion for both his clients and his craft. He listens, guides and educates. His company is what is needed for those who are on or in search of a self care and wellness journey.

Liz BrownFormer Dancer

I was very happy discovering Youthen’s understanding of the body, and especially knowledge of the body in motion. I want a massage to give me relaxation AND help with a better range of movement. His thoughtful personal recommendations also present opportunities to build on a healthy lifestyle. Needless to say, I’m now a regular.

Michael BowermanBowerman Cleaning and Restoration

Youthen knows the human body very well. His massages were exactly what I needed at the time His experience in ballet, dance & deep stretching further amplifies his skills. My body has never felt better since incorporating his practices in my routine.

Ryan LutkePersonal Trainer

Youthen exceeded all expectations. He is hands down the best massage I've ever received in my life. Second best was a two-hour spa treatment on vacation in Cancun and Youthen only worked on me for 30 minutes. I was astounded by Youthen's ability to perceive tension in my muscles, apply the perfect amount of stress, and have me feeling so much better walking out the door. I'm a retired college athlete with an old groin injury that seems to contribute to lacking hip mobility. Youthen asked me what I'd like him to work on and listened carefully to my injury report. He went to every length to ensure I was comfortable during the massage and even followed up the next day to ask how I was feeling. After working with Youthen I felt more mobile, more relaxed, and more myself. I will absolutely work with Youthen again and would highly recommend!

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Wellness for the Culture

The Hand + Body provides restorative treatments to deepen a sense of well-being in everyone.